We believe that every brand has a story to be told and heard. And it is with this simplest of ideology that we craft your narrative and your brand tag.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia and Thailand, TAG consolidates 4 pillars of disciplines under one roof: Brand Visibility, Brand Activation, Brand Communications, and Brand Engagement.

Previously known as ‘Visual Merchandising & Space Design’, VMSD is the Brand Visibility pillar of TAG’s business.

VMSD is in the space of designing and building literal brand narratives that don’t just stimulate sales but emotionally engages with target audiences as well. We meticulously craft and facilitate the experiential space around brands to help elevate the shopping experience and positively impact the last mile to purchase.

VMSD is not just about aesthetics and craftsmanship, it is your brand story made inexorably visible.
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Leftfield is TAG’s resident Brand Communications pillar.

Not one for the cookie cutter, we thrive on thought originality and authenticity of expression. Incessantly strategic and relentless in ideation, we are all about solving your communication problems while taking your brand to the next level – a level it deserves.

Leftfield is all strategy and all purpose in service offerings - from traditional and digital grand designs to content creation and brand consultancy.

To do it right, look left.
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LuminArt is the TAG’s resident Brand Activation pillar

Much more than just an event planner and organiser, LuminArt is unceasingly ideating on consumer engagement strategies. From in-store campaigns and on-ground activations to creative pop-ups and guerrilla theatrics.

We fervently believe that experiences have the singularly unique ability and power to create significant, purposeful and sustainable (emotional) connections between brands and audiences.

LuminArt seeks to ignite, inspire and elevate the art of brand activation.
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Oomph! is the inherent Brand Engagement pillar of TAG’s business.

A catalyst of brand-to-people connection, Oomph! truly believes every brand is unique and takes pride in matching talents with brand personalities and business needs.

Be it brand ambassadorship, retail sales training, retail auditing, we are relentlessly focused on customer service excellence and turning your brand identity into brand fidelity.

Oomph! is about your brand experience literally personified.
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